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More Information about Dumb Meters!

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More Information about Dumb Meters! Empty More Information about Dumb Meters!

Post by lionking on Mon May 21, 2012 10:13 pm


This step, along with a "cage" over the meter (there are many inexpensive ways to do this that can be found online . . .) has been an effective way to divert Corix. Hydro says they will respect the signs, for now. It is much harder (though not impossible) to have a Smart Meter removed/replaced after it has been installed.

e.g. www.emrabc.ca can be helpful. So can http://www.stopsmartmetersbc.ca/html/?p=1812

Hydro is in the process of responding to everyone with the same formulaic words, attitude and references to their website. In light of your legitimate concerns about your wife's heart condition and your limited income, you have the right to refuse the wireless smart meter on those grounds. To defend your stance, a doctor's letter would be highly useful. You need to get a letter from your doctor, or his/her signature on one that you submit. There is information on our website for doing this.

http://citizensforsafetechnology.org/Doctors-Information-Package,15,184 (Note that there is a link to a recommended procedure for using it.)

The Province cannot pass a law that requires someone to accept a wireless radio transmitter on their home. There are many actions in the works to obtain a moratorium, but Hydro and the current Liberal Government seem oblivious to citizens' voices. It is becoming more difficult for them to ignore our concerns. Our lawyer is working for options, and we are hopeful that options will be granted at least for those with health issues. The issues of privacy, security, fair treatment and human rights are no less important, and, on these grounds, everyone should ultimately be given a choice.

The "gentleman" you spoke to is simply reiterating the mantra that Hydro has for everyone, regardless of circumstance. Right now, there is no "guarantee" they will not install a smart meter. Unless the facts and problems with the meters are more widely known, and until more people take action against the rollout of the meters, they will proceed as they have been doing.

There is a registry for complaints about Hydro's heavy-handed approach. If they come and, against your wishes, proceed with their installation, or show any rudeness or flippancy regarding your wishes, please inform the registry:



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