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Port Alberni is no longer last on the list

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Port Alberni is no longer last on the list Empty Port Alberni is no longer last on the list

Post by The Invisible Man on Tue Mar 20, 2012 6:15 pm

Ha ha now we're fifth from the bottom on Money Sense's list of the best cities to live in Canada. When it comes to the jobless rate we ranked 166th (out of 190). I'd say we're not doing so well in comparison to other cities in Canada. Check out THE LIST yourself.

How We Ranked the Cities – The Calculations

A total of 105 points was up for grabs. Each category (below) was allotted a number of points depending on the importance of the category. For example, employment statistics are worth 10 points while sales taxes are worth 1 point. Some categories are further broken into subcategories. For example, the crime category is determined by statistics in the subcategories of violent crime, crime severity and total crime.

The top city in each category received the maximum number of points, and the rest of the cities received descending incremental points based on their ranking.

For example, in the area of unemployment, Estevan, Sask. had the lowest unemployment rate in the country (1.6%). It was ranked No. 1 in that category and received 10 points. The second-best city in the unemployment category, Wetaskiwin, Alta., received 9.95 points. The next city was Swift Current, Sask. with 9.89 points and so on down to the 190th city (Bay Roberts, N.L. unemployment rate 16.8%), which received 0.53 points.

Calculations for some other categories follow a slightly different methodology. For example, in the category of population growth, an annual rate of 7.9% was considered ideal. Anything below or above that rate loses points and cities with a population loss got zero. The same is true for the subcategory of precipitation, which makes up part of the weather category. (The ideal number is 700 mm a year, with anything above or below that losing points accordingly).

The rest of the methodology is RIGHT HERE!
The Invisible Man
The Invisible Man

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Port Alberni is no longer last on the list Empty Re: Port Alberni is no longer last on the list

Post by Possum on Tue Mar 20, 2012 10:06 pm

Good it will cut down on immigration of people from other parts of Canada.


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