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Smart Meter Action Kit Everything you need to stop from getting a smart meter!!!

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Smart Meter Action Kit Everything you need to stop from getting a smart meter!!! Empty Smart Meter Action Kit Everything you need to stop from getting a smart meter!!!

Post by lionking on Fri May 11, 2012 5:51 am

Three weeks ago we put a lock on the Meter, and taped a poster to our house and, have one in window and on our door. That was before we heard about the origination below.

Since then we have used the letter provided in the Smart Meter Action Kit and sent it by registered mail to BC Hydro.
There are also steps to take if you already have a smart meter and, want it taken away. It is all there in the kit all you have to do is print it off!

We are not saying we don't want to pay for the hydro we use, Everyone needs a job to live, what we don't like is it might get me sicker than I already am, and when I ask to be shown proof that it will not harm me, I was told I am telling you it's safe??? We have people whom depend on us to be around and, we are at a age where we need to look after our health, more than ever!!!

Here is the site http://citizensforsafetechnology.org/

Open the Smart Meter Action Kit! bounce[/b] It took one day to get everything done. First thing we did after reading over a lot of there information was join the Citizens for safe technology association. Then we signed the petitions.
This "Smart Meter" Action Kit contains valuable information about so-called "Smart Meters." Conveniently, this information is being withheld by hydro and power authorities in hopes that deployment will go ahead unchallenged, without sufficient research into the health, safety and security issues involved.

Hopefully, along with other information on this website, the materials in this "kit" will provide tools for action and awareness. The far-reaching, negative impacts of these wireless utility meters are already a reality for many, as they are being deployed in communities throughout North America.

Communities that have citizens who have come together and spoken up have been able to persuade their local governments to stop the installation of these wireless meters until more is known about them. And more is becoming known.

Please use the information in a timely way, first to educate yourself, and then to act to educate others. Communication can't be achieved without awareness, and timely communication is all we have to prevent the installation of these invasive devices on our homes and in our communities.

"A smart meter is usually an electrical meter that records consumption of electric energy in intervals of an hour or less, and communicates the information at least daily back to the utility for monitoring and billing purposes. Smart meters enable two-way communication between the meter and the central system. Unlike home energy monitors, smart meters can gather data for remote reporting.

Although the term "Smart Meter " often refers to an electrical meter, it can increasingly also mean a device measuring natural gas or water consumption. "Smart Meters" may be part of a "Smart Grid" but alone do not constitute [one]." Wikipedia
Action Kit Cell Tower
Action Kit Cell Phone
Action Kit EHS & Health
Action Kit

ATTENTION! CORIX: No Trespassing Sign
to be attached to 'regular' analogue (non-wireless) meter to alert Smart Meter installer

This sign is designed to be mounted on or beside your non-wireless, analogue meter, if you are lucky enough to still have one. There is a line on which to print the address of the building in question. Also a welcome at the bottom for the analogue meter reader:

N.B. Do not forget to write your name and address onto this no trespassing sign, and the date you posted it. If you don't do that, Corix may rip it down and proceed with the installation. A photo of the meter with the sign is also a good idea . . .

Smart Meter Installer for BC HYDRO


Many people are taking the step of "enclosing" their analogue meters, protecting them from removal, while still making sure that the necessary ID tags and consumption information remain clearly visible and intact.


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