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Let's keep Canada, Canadian!!!

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Let's keep Canada, Canadian!!! Empty Let's keep Canada, Canadian!!!

Post by lionking on Sun May 13, 2012 8:26 am

A new company from the USA named Paws and Claws will be moving into the old mall on Johnson Road.http://www.pncstores.com. it's a chain of stores from the USA. They will sell pet foods, supplies, and dog grooming. This store apparently will be selling puppies and kittens, I don't like that idea at all! No No No

This same company sold the dog in this video how disgusting!!! Sad
IMO we should not allow any more American owned chain stores like Walmart, and Paws and Claws into Canada! Canadian businesses can not compete against them! One of the biggest reasons is people like the big saving they make going to Walmart. IMO we need to keep Canada, Canadian and, not sell her out to any other Country!!! [b]
Let's keep our eyes open, and see to it that these Chain Store from other countries, don't sneak in and take over Canada right under our nose!!!

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Let's keep Canada, Canadian!!! Empty Re: Let's keep Canada, Canadian!!!

Post by jackclank on Tue May 15, 2012 11:12 pm

keeping Canada Canadian?
There is a much greater threat to Canadians than the USA.

Foreign workers are being imported in droves and being paid 15% less than local people. The human traffic is growing every day.

And the money earned by these desperate people is substantially being sent to another country.

This represents a trade deficit not on any radar.


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