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Your rant of the day...

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Your rant of the day... Empty Your rant of the day...

Post by WetCoastKid on Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:14 pm

Ever get the feeling that there is something you would like to get off your finger tips? Facebook is not the place, too many consequences... Odds are good that the people you spend your time with, don't want to hear your issue . .or at least not again

So here is a thread to vent those feelings... hopefully not anything hurtful or nasty towards anyone specific, but you get the idea..

I think the teachers should get off their collective arses and be happy to have an income, let alone a career. I would also like the kids they teach, to learn SOME manners and not act like a bunch of entitled little idiots being pushed through a broken system.

I hate the fact that we are becoming a disposable generation by thrashing and trashing everything from plastic toys to vehicles. Nothing is made from metal. Everything is lighter, cheaper and oh so easy to replace with a brand-new shiny one.

... thats all for now


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Your rant of the day... Empty In my opinion it is and always will be about the all mighty dollar.

Post by lionking on Sun Apr 22, 2012 3:17 pm

My rant for today!
I used to think the only thing left in our lives, that we really have complete control over is our home. Now with the threat of maybe having to replace our other meter with a Smart Meter, if that does happen imo there is nothing left that we completely control in our own lives anymore!
Years ago when it was said that automation was going to take over the world, it sure in heck did and, IMO is hasn't all been good!

When it was proven that going into space was depleting the ozone layer around Earth, did they cut down going No. When it was first known that oil tankers were going to transport oil by sea, we signed petitions spoke out loud about the devastation it would cost OUR EARTH if, there ever was a big oil spill and, there have been many, are they stopping No .

In fact we have been protesting and, have signed a petition in hopes of stopping oil coming to British Columbia! No No No. I certainly hope the decision makers remember all the past spills, all the devastation oil does to the environment and, to all the animals that die such a horrible death!

It also affects peoples lives when they can not work, because all the fish, crabs, are all killed off Sad . Not to mention the hugh cost and time it takes getting everything all cleaned back, to the way it should be!
Again it is other peoples decisions, that determinates what happens to my life and, my families lives, I have no control over that! Sad.

The tax payers will keep paying when ever a accidents happens.
Do you and I get any money from the oil companies, that are making billions of dollars, if we are I sure in hell have never seen any!
Another Hugh problem is all the ice that is melting and, causing havoc to the bears and, OUR EARTH, THE ONLY ONE WE HAVE.

Then I read in the AV Times that Coal could pass in town, even thought it has been said why we don't need Coal delivered here! Again my life is depended on other peoples decisions. Sad .


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