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Local deals, sales and bargains

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Local deals, sales and bargains Empty Local deals, sales and bargains

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 01, 2012 11:53 am

I thought this might be useful, so if you see any good deals, sales or bargains around our area post them here. No internet sales or spamming please.

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Local deals, sales and bargains Empty Re: Local deals, sales and bargains

Post by ShelleyS on Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:46 pm

Yesterday I did a free garage non-sale with more people showing up than I anticipated (didn't publicize it anywhere but on facebook). People are really missing the free store... there is a facebook picking up some of the slack: Alberni Online Free Store. I am hoping to do something further and would love people's ideas and comments.

The first thing - I have rented a small space from where I can accept small donations with the idea of doing a free garage non-sale a couple of days a week and would love some support/assistance; the second is to see if there is interest in doing a valley wide event where anyone who has something they want to give away will participate from their own homes/neighbourhoods (sometime in late spring or summer?).

I am unable to do something as large as I was doing at the Re and Free Store. It took way more effort on my part to keep going. I ran out of energy/health and $ to subsidize it further. It was a wonderful experience though and it gave me back my confidence - so the effort was certainly worth it. I loved the place as did many others.

Some people have mentioned doing something with/through the 2 recycling centres (I haven't spoken with the owners at either, yet) and at the landfill. This type of thing requires more help - probably creating a society and going from there. It is beyond what I could manage alone, so if you'd like to help...



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