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Do you drive a beater ?

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Do you drive a beater ? Empty Do you drive a beater ?

Post by darlin dar on Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:19 pm

I have one good car and a beater truck which I use for gravel and wood and chicken stuff and the odd time I drive it to work while my car is being looked after to keep it safe. It runs well but it has rusty wheel wells and a rusty box. I have been not driving it to town very much lately because of the stories I hear at work where people have been pulled over and told to take their truck in to be tested to make sure it is road safe.. Some just needed body work but the owner had to park their truck because of the lack of money to fix it.. I know our truck would never pass in the big citys and I guess we should not be driving something rusty,
but I really do not see the problem if it has good brakes, good air care, good wheels and well, all the things needed for a safe truck.
Anyways, before I started my ramble pale i just wanted to warn beater truck owners to make your truck look a bit better.. I think there are a lot of us around with out the cash for new ones scratch tho I wish Rolling Eyes

darlin dar

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Do you drive a beater ? Empty Re: Do you drive a beater ?

Post by jackclank on Wed Apr 18, 2012 2:26 pm

When I lived in port I had an old wood truck just washed it real well and wiped it with paint thinner and brush painted it with marine paint. Looked pretty good, rode like a crippled dog but looked good.


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Do you drive a beater ? Empty Re: Do you drive a beater ?

Post by WetCoastKid on Wed Apr 18, 2012 11:21 pm

Can't say it would be all that bad an idea, within reason. . . I got a 85 toyota rust bucket as a starter truck. The guy I got it off told me it was a great little truck, with "some" rust and whatnot under the frame, but was his daily driver and definitely worth $400-

Once home I found that there were no bolts left to be un-done on the box, was fine though, the rust was acting as a weld to hold the whole ass-end off the truck together. By the end of the crash course in welding and vehicular rebuilding by my father, I had a truck that would have failed in more ways than one can probably imagine- BUT, it didn't... drove that piece for a couple years before I finally traded it in!

- THAT truck should have been crushed a long time before I found it and passed it on-

If your ol'e beast is still road worthy and can still clearly signal and isn't spewing black crud all over the kids walking to school in the morning, I wouldn't be worried in these parts of the woods, da bears are rather friendly.


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Do you drive a beater ? Empty Re: Do you drive a beater ?

Post by The Invisible Man on Wed Apr 18, 2012 11:32 pm

I drive a beater. It's ugly but I like it. It's cheap on gas and gets me where I want to go. I'd like to buy a used 4-cylinder Ford Ranger truck. Even if I could afford it, I would not buy a new vehicle.

The Invisible Man
The Invisible Man

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Do you drive a beater ? Empty Re: Do you drive a beater ?

Post by Sponsored content

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