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It just keeps getting badder and badder :(:(:(

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It just keeps getting badder and badder :(:(:( Empty It just keeps getting badder and badder :(:(:(

Post by lionking on Mon May 07, 2012 10:15 pm

Can you see these trucks going through the grove?? I don't want coal here we need Jobs yes, but ones that are friendly to the environment! 21 jobs IMO is not worth the deaths that will be caused by trucking Coal into our Valley!
If it's not fighting to protect the killing of the Seals every year, I have done that for years now and, after signing 30 petitions saying to stop the inhuman way they kill these beautiful animals, it still is going on. Evil or Very Mad Then the letters and signing petitions to stop the Oil Tankers and pipe lines coming to BC. Then the Dumb Meters, we will be sitting in the dark as we will not have a meter on our house! Whens it all gonna stop???


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