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Talk about a blood bank!

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Talk about a blood bank! Empty Talk about a blood bank!

Post by TomW on Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:30 am

the third person in the country to donate blood and plasma 1,000 times to Canadian Blood Services.

Jim Lord, who visits the Canadian Blood Services clinic on Bayers Road in Halifax every week, said he's been donating blood since high school.

He's the first person in Atlantic Canada to reach the milestone.

"It's such a good feeling inward to donate blood. Some people are afraid of needles but it's not that traumatic an experience," Lord told CBC News.

"It's a very positive place to be, everybody's up and it's just a really good feeling to make that donation."

Deb Arsenault, a nurse at the clinic, said the 61-year-old man is an inspiration.

"We have a couple that are trying to get really close to him. There are actually a couple that are close," she said Tuesday.

"One donor said the other day, 'Well, I expected this ancient man to be walking in,' and he's not."

David Fletcher, who has donated blood about 280 times, said he's impressed by Lord's numbers and commitment.

"I think that donors come because they have a sense that they want to do something good for other people," he said.

"You need to commend people who are that dedicated and who can come in that often."

Lord said he's not stopping any time soon — he wants to donate 2,000 times, though he thinks he may be in his mid-80s by the time he reaches his goal.

"They have an award ceremony with the Canadian Blood Services once a year and at that ceremony they had testimonials of people — usually cancer patients or patients that require blood transfusions," he said.

"When you hear those testimonials, that's enough to keep anybody going."

Canadian Blood Services said it's hoping Lord's story will inspire more people to donate blood. They're aiming to get 450 new donors in Nova Scotia next month.

I can't imagine that, 1000 times thats hard core! Surprised

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